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Porsche Scopes festival - 'GIVING'

Short film about a voyage in the queer nightlife scene of Tel Aviv, where fantasy and reality collide through the eyes of 3 main female characters. This film is more than anything about femininity and female energy, it’s about the connection between a variety of forms bonding at night through a vibration of liberation, with a Queer outlook on life. It moves through three parallel realms of reality in which the characters exist The main channel "the here and now" is where the girls are documented and interviewed in their daily life and their natural environment." the ethereal" is a space untouched by culture, close to spirit, and full of nature and light. where the girls are portrayed as goddesses, innocent and pure, on the other side an "infinite night" is the realm of the ego and material, digital and mechanic, where the alter ego thrives, a place that celebrates the connection between machine and soul, where desire and lust are aligned and the girl's true potential gets to be fulfilled. The film allows the viewers a glimpse into the idea that QUEER is a mindset and a safe space of overlapping definitions. It defies self-concept and invites you to ask yourself who am I in reality, outside the norms.

Am I a straight thinker or an unordinary being?

Love is a dog from hell

Alon livne x EDEN fines